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Cinetrip parties are absolutely one of a kind, sweeping parties in one of the spas in Budapest, or sometimes in a historical building: Video DJs, Laser projections, circus shows with acrobatic manoeuvres, radiating atmosphere in places that come to life. There have been many Cinetrip party venues in recent years, including Rudas Bath or Szechenyi Spa Baths

Cinetrip Sparty at a Thermal Bath, Budapest

Cinetrip Sparty at a Thermal Bath, Budapest

No wonder, that a new term has been born for these spa parties: SPARTIES! Many of the sparties (spa parties) in Budapest are hugely popular – amongst locals and tourists alike – like the parties and concerts on Sziget Festival, Budapest.

2018 Cinetrip Party in Budapest

December 30, 2018: New Year’s Eve Budapest Bath Party in Szechenyi Baths

The best night before NYE on Dec 30 in Budapest in the biggest and coolest thermal pools in Szechenyi Spa Baths. Enjoy the “Future Disco” theme with tons of laser beams beating and caressing the rhythms of the electronic music party.

August 4, 2018: Water Circus Cinetrip Party in Budapest Szechenyi Bath

Cinetrip Party Budapest Tickets online here: Make sure to pick the date of the Water Circus Sparty on August 4, 2018. The rest of the dates are the regular bath sparties in Szechenyi Bath with no spectacular show elements (but still great parties!!)

New Year’s Eve Cinetrip Party: December 2018: the date of the NYE pool party is not Dec 31 but Dec 30 in 2018. Get your ticket online while you can on Baths Budapest: Budapest Bath Party Tickets

Cinetrip Budapest

Where are Cinetrip parties?

Budapest Sparty Cinetrip Szechenyi Baths

Budapest Sparty Cinetrip Szechenyi Baths

Cinetrip parties started off in thermal baths in Budapest (Rudas Baths, Kiraly Baths, Szechenyi Baths, Lukacs Baths), but in recent years there have been Cinetrip parties elsewhere, like the factory turned cultural centre called Millennium Park (Millenaris Park) on the Buda side, or the Tozsdepalota (Palace of Stock Exchange, former HQ of the Hungarian TV) in Budapest, or even on an open air lakeside lido in Siofok (a town at Lake Balaton, Hungary).

When is the next Cinetrip party?

DEC 30, 2018: the ultimate winter Cinetrip Party in Budapest. More dates and info:

Budapest Bath Party Tickets

Cinetrip parties have their own series name, more recently standard spa parties with good audio-visual elements at Szechenyi Bath are called Szecska Parties, while one off super spectacular spa parties have been dubbed ‘Water Circus’ parties. Szecska spa parties are in the summer, every Saturday, while the unique Water Circus shows and other Cinetrip parties are mostly 2-3 times a year. The summer sparties usually start from 10:30 pm on a Saturday evening (not the whole summer, so check back for further updates). The official Cinetrip Facebook page is Cinetrip on Facebook, while Szecska has its own FB page too.

How much is a ticket to a Cinetrip sparty?

Update: The Budapest New Year’s Eve party tickets in 2013 are 40 Euros (no price increase in recent years!). The ticket includes the party entry and the locker where you can keep your bags and belongings safe. Get your flip flops and towel in a bag and you are ready to go. No need for a waterproof wallet as the party has a cash free special payment card which you can charge with money. Then keep your items in the locker, not scattered by the pools.

Admission Fees have increased as the popularity of Cinetrip parties grew, at the time of writing they are around 40 Euros (including the bath entry, so that’s the full price you pay for entering and partying) – recommended to book in advance as tickets are sold out quickly.

That being said, the more simple weekly summer parties are 10 euros in 2012! And the December bath party prices at Cientrip Szechenyi Bath? We do not know yet, but the tickets will not be as cheap as for the summer parties for sure.

OK, in summer, there is no mega show, no belly dancers and fire blowers, ‘only VJs’ in the bath, but they are still über cool parties, and for this money…

How can I book a ticket to Cinetrip party?

You can book and buy tickets online. For the upcoming Cinetrip Party you can book online here: buy online tickets here

The Cinetrip party on the list is Water Circus Party but the rest of the parties are also put together by the Cinetrip guys, so you will not be disappointed!

Reviews of Cinetrip Parties

“you better get the tickets in advance. It is often sold out on the day of the event. The party is fun. There are several pools with different music and atmosphere, and there was a belly dance show last time around midnight.” (tip from a local on Tripadvisor)

Cinetrip Water Circus at Szechenyi Baths

Cinetrip Water Circus at Szechenyi Baths

“Rave culture may have gone global, but only Budapest’s Rudas Bath can offer such a combination of history and hedonism….The rave is not a Hungarian invention, but the Rudas rave is something unique and typically Hungarian, reinventing something global in a local context….

In front of us are belly-dancers, gyrating to the oriental music resounding around the chamber. We stand entrances as the dancers tease us with their sensuality, veils swaying, the muscles of their flat stomachs undulating slowly.” (The Times)

“Disorientation complete, nightclub etiquette went straight out of window.” (I-D Magazine, UK)

“There’s a feeling that everyone is venturing into unchartered waters, happily digesting all the new music they’re fed” (The Face, UK)

“Cinetrip is now reclaiming the decadent hedonism of Budapest’s history… the Cinetrip crew have created new dreamscapes for this Central European pleasure realm.” (Groovine,Australia)

“Never in the history of clubbing anything quite like this occurred. This is Cinetrip, Budapest’s most adventurous club.” (Live, On-line magazine)

“The aim of the organizers, DJs and VJs is obviously magic: by visuals, sound, architecture and by building bridges between past and future” (Max)

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Past Cinetrip Parties:

2012 Winter Cinetrip Party Budapest in Szechenyi Bath

2012 Winter Parties in Budapest Bath

Last Cinetrip Update: Jan, 2018