Gellert Bath Mixed

Gellert Bath Mixed

Gellert Bath, which is one of the most famous thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary with its fantastic Art Nouveau architecture,  has become mixed all week since Jan 1, 2013 (previously in 2012 Gellert Bath was only mixed at weekends).

While the thermal baths used to be women-only or men-only from Monday to Friday,  thanks to the recent changes all baths and pools in Gellert Bath are now co-ed from Monday to Sunday, regardless of which pools or which days you visit the thermal bath house.

Gellert Spa Bath Budapest

Gellert Thermal Bath Budapest – Motodraconis Photography

The change took place at the beginning of 2013, and now the bath is open to women, men, couples, families all week, all year round.

This means that all major spa baths in Budapest are mixed at the weekends (including Rudas Bath, which is also coed on Saturdays and Sundays, while women-only and men-only on weekdays.

If you are looking for an excellent mixed bath for the weekdays, now you can consider visiting Szechenyi Baths in the City Park (Városliget), Gellert Bath by the Gellert Hill, Kiraly Bath in Fo Street (Buda side) or Lukacs Bath by the Margaret Bridge (Buda side).



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