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Gellert Spa Baths Budapest

Gellert Baths and Pool is one of the top Budapest attractions. The Art Nouveau palace of Gellert Spa is famous for its beauty, natural spring waters packed with minerals, as well as for its high quality massage treatments (more about Gellert Bath massage here).
Gellert Thermal Bath could easily be among the best spa baths in Budapest, Hungary yet it is still not favoured as much as Szechenyi Bath, for instance (rated around 3.5 as opposed Szechenyi Baths ratings (4-4.5), Rudas Bath ratings (4.5) or Lukacs Bath ratings (4-4.5).

Gellert Baths Budapest

Gellert Baths Budapest (photo by Fernando Rivas)

Essential Info about Gellert Bath

If you can not make up your mind which bath to visit in a short Budapest stay, please read our Szechenyi vs Gellert Bath guide, a thorough comparison of the two top thermal spa baths in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest is also known as the ‘City of Baths’ or “Europe’s best thermal spa city” according to the Independent Guide to Thermal Baths, and Gellert Baths is one of the reasons for this reputation.

Gellert Bath has unique thermal waters, pools with a special atmosphere in a beautiful, meticulously elaborated Art Nouveau – Art Deco building built between 1912 and 1918. While the design is appealing to the eyes, and the pools are truly satisfactory,  the current bath staff is not as top notch as one would expect. Keep this in mind before choosing Gellert Baths, if you only have a short time for bathing in Budapest (it is worth allocating 2-3 bath events for your Budapest stay. Seriously.)

That being said, Gellert Baths can be fun for all travellers, including grandparents, businessmen and couples on a romantic Budapest tour. As for kids, please be aware that the really warm thermal waters are not recommended for young children (under 14 years old), instead, try one of the Budapest lidos, or in winter time you may enjoy the Aqua World water theme slide park with your toddler / children. Children are allowed to visit the pools at your own discretion (kids under 2 are free to enter, while children tickets can be bought for kids aged 2-14).

Spa pool at Gellert Baths, Budapest

Spa Pool at Gellert Baths, Budapest

You can also try the outdoor wave pool at Gellert Baths if  weather allows. The open air wave pool is 26 degrees Celsius, and its shallower end is only 0.4 metres (1 foot 3¾ inches).

Note: Gellert Baths is mostly visited by tourists due to higher ticket prices, so it gets less crowded in summer (the high tourist season in Hungary) than Szechenyi Baths.

Some of the indoor smaller thermal pools used to be only for men / women, but Gellert Bath is now fully coed, open to men, women, couples, families (all of its pools, baths and facilities). Likewise, the big indoor pool with the glass roof and columns on both sides (which you would most often see in photos of the Gellert Baths) and  the pools outside are mixed all 7 days of the week (if the weather is freezing the outdoor pools are closed, otherwise they are open in winter time too). This also means that the dress code of Gellert Bath makes it compulsory for all bath guests to wear a decent swim wear (bikini or speedo type of swim wears are also fine, as well as traditional swimming costumes or boxers).

Gellert Bath has an amazing interior. Unique, beautiful. You would want to see the building, the nice architecture of Gellert Baths, even if you do not want to try the warm and cool water pools of this big bathing complex boasting 13 various pools.

Gellert Baths and Pool has 10 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools, one of which is a big wave pool (500 square metre, or 5381 square feet, artificially generated regular fun waves coming rhythmically).

Temperature of pools range from 20°C to 38 °C (68-100 degrees Fahrenheit).
Entrance fees: depending on when you go and which facilities you wish to use at Gellert Baths there are various tickets, priced at €€-€€€ if you book tickets online in Gellert Spa). For instance, weekend fees are more expensive than weekday ones, or a full day ticket is more expensive than a ticket for late afternoon (valid between 5 pm and 8 pm). Children discounts are generous (children in this case means kids from 2 to 14 years old, under 2 year olds are free to take in but are not recommended to use the thermal waters, while over 14 teens are considered to be adults. No student tickets in Gellert Baths are on offer).
Opening hours: pools are open from 6am to 8pm. More info: Gellert Spa Opening Hours

Gellert Baths & Pool is very close to the city centre in Budapest.

Here’s Gellert Bath on Budapest Tourist Map:

Gellert Baths on Budapest Tourist Map

Gellert Baths on Budapest Tourist Map

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What is more, the immediate environment of Gellert Baths is also very nice. It is on the hilly Buda side of Budapest, right next to the recently renovated Liberty Bridge spanning the river Danube, at the foot of Gellert Hill. On Gellert Hill you can see the Cave Church, the Citadel, the Statue of Liberty and the Gellert Statue and Waterfall). In short: green hills, river, 19th century bridge.

Getting there: Gellert Bath is at the foot of the Liberty Bridge, just by the river Danube. There is a tram station called Gellert square (Szent Gellert ter‎ – you can take the following trams: from Deak square central metro station 47, 49; from Batthyany square red metro station 19, 41; from Deli or Moszkva square red metro stations tram 18. Or you can take buses, number 7 and 173 from Ferenciek tere blue metro station; Astoria square, Blaha square or Keleti railway station square – all 3 red metro stations.

This is a quick overview of Gellert Baths, Budapest. For a detailed description including frequent questions from tourists, and informative answers from locals, fellow tourists and travel guides read more on Gellert Baths FAQ

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