Gellert Baths FAQ

Gellert Baths FAQ: Frequently asked questions and informative answers about Gellert Spa Baths and Pool, Budapest

Gellert Bath is in Hotel Gellert. Can I use it even if I am staying in another Budapest hotel?

Yes, you can use Gellert Bath, it is open to the general public, too, not only for the hotel guests. The entrance of the Gellert Baths is in the side street, on the right side of the hotel, if you are standing with your back to the river Danube in Budapest.

Is Gellert Bath Mixed / Coed?

Gellert Baths Budapest

Gellert Baths Budapest (photo by Roberto Ventre)

Women and men can share the same pools (indoor and outdoor) every single day of the year in Gellert Baths (since Jan 1, 2013).

The outdoor pools are open all summer, then the big wave pool usually closes down in October, but the thermal fun pool remains open in winter time too, unless the temperature gets colder than minus 5 degrees Celsius.  (unlike the outdoor pools at Szechenyi Baths). And the keyword here is ‘outdoor’.

Out of the ten indoor pools2-2 used to be either for ladies or for gents, i.e. gender separated from Mon to Fri but not any more.

Is Gellert Baths good for families with children?

Outdoor Wave Pool Gellert Bath

Outdoor Wave Pool Gellert Bath

Yes, absolutely, if you travel to Budapest in the summer months, when the outdoor pools are open. Otherwise, during the winter months, there is basically one big pool where your child could  swim (one end is 0.8 m deep, the other end is 2 m deep), which is of about 26°C. Bring your own floats.

The wave pool outside, on the other hand, is cooler and really fun. The wave pool of Gellert Bath is actually with lots of waves. It is  open in the summer time and also in early autumn (closes in mid October usually, depending on the actual weather conditions). There used to be a special pool for toddlers / young children at Gellert Baths, which was quite shallow (0.4 metre) and had a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, Gellert Baths have sold the children pool, so now there are only two outdoor pools in the outdoor section of the thermal spa baths.

In spring, autumn, and winter (on cold days), you had better go to Szechenyi Bath for a nice family fun bath (not recommended for children under 14 years of age), or to the Aquaworld water theme park (heated indoor and outdoor fun water facility with lots of big and small slides).

Gellert Baths or Szechenyi Baths?

Which bath should you go to? Preferably to both baths, if time allows, as they have two distinct characters, but if you are short of time, please read our guide about the advantages / disadvantages of the two most famous spa baths in Budapest (location, price, attractions, co-education, etc. are compared): Szechenyi Bath or Gellert Bath, which is better? We think the final winner is Szechenyi Bath, but missing the Gellert Baths would be like not seeing Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, or the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna.

How many pools are there in Gellert Baths?

Gellert Bath Art Nouveau Palace

Gellert Bath Art Nouveau Palace

There are altogether 12 pools at Gellert Baths of various sizes and temperatures. 2 of the pools are outdoor (1 outdoor pool was recently sold), which are only open in high season and are closed for winter time if the temperature gets below zero about minus 5 degrees Celsius, while 8 smaller baths are inside, which are open all year round.

Outdoor pools (2 pools)

  • wave pool: 26°C water temperature with artificial waves generated,
  • sitting pool with fancy facilities: 36°C water temperature,
  • kids pool (0.4m deep): 30C water temperature sold recently

Indoor effervescent baths (2 pools)

  • a larger bubbly pool: 26°C water temperature
  • a smaller bubbly bath (sitting only): 36°C water temperature.

Indoor thermal baths (8 pools) from 26°C to 38°C

  • men only baths: for gents only on weekdays
  • women only baths: for ladies only on weekdays
  • mixed baths, including the wonderful swimming pool you would see on most photos (tall, columns on both sides, with a glass rooftop)

Opening hours of Gellert Baths

Gellert Bath is open from 6 am to 8 pm (Szechenyi Baths is open until 10 pm if you are longing for a late night splash)

How much is a ticket to Gellert Baths?

Bath tickets range from HUF 4,900 to HUF 5,500, making the bath the most expensive thermal baths in Budapest. The bath ticket prices are depending on various factors (weekends are more expensive, and lockers are cheaper than cabins). Online tickets in Gellert Bath can also be bought on Budapest Bath guide (Baths Budapest): full day bath entry with private cabin and private entrance. Check out the affordable massage prices too, we think they are absolutely refreshing.

In Gellert Bath, unlike in Szechenyi Baths, there are cheaper tickets for children, who can use the outdoor wave pool, which is quite shallow at the edge (then deepens). Children bath tickets at Gellert Furdo are HUF 3,100 with a locker, or HUF 3,300 with a cabin (but if you buy your ticket with a cabin, you can take turns to get changed, and the children can use the same cabin you are entitled to).

The cheapest price combination to the baths is if you go on a weekday, and buy a bath ticket with a locker.

Private baths can be hired at Gellert Bath in advance for 2 people: sparkling wine, fruit bowl for two and the bath tickets are included in the price

  • Gellert Private bath for 2 people: 94 Euros

Can I book a ticket to Gellert Baths in advance?

Yes, you can buy online tickets in Gellert Baths in advance (with cabin for a full day all inclusive ticket – valid for all thermal facilities, pools and saunas, steam rooms).

Do I get a refund if I stay only 1 or 2 hours?

The refund system has been cancelled since 2011. The baths offer only full day tickets from January 2013. Weekend prices are slightly higher than weekday ticket prices. Children are entitled to a discount price. Also, tickets with lockers are cheaper than tickets with cabins. You can also buy your Gellert Baths ticket in advance here (also can book massage here)

Where is Gellert  Spa Bath?

Address: Kelenhegyi út 4. Budapest H-1118

Getting there: trams 18, 19, 47, 49  all stop here (the latter two, 47 and 49 connect Gellert Baths with Deak square, Astoria square and Kalvin square – i.e. all 3 metro lines via these city centre metro stations). Buses 7, 7A and 86 also stop at Gellert Baths, connecting Ferenciek tere, Astoria, Blaha Lujza Square  to Gellert Baths on the hillier Buda side of Budapest). See Budapest Tourist Map (interactive customized Google map) for the exact location, more details and tips.

Phone: +36-1-466-6166

Gellert Baths Budapest
Gellert Baths on Budapest tourist map

View bigger size on the interactive Budapest Tourist Map

Are there any massages at Gellert Baths?

Gellert Bath Massage booking

Gellert Bath Massage booking

There are several massages in Gellert Spa Bath Budapest, revitalizing as well as medical massages. As Hotel Gellert is one building complex with Gellert Baths, you may get a Thai massage in the hotel too.

Is it true that Gellert Bath is touristy?

Gellert Thermal Bath can get touristy as it is a world famous thermal baths and as such a truly wonderful attraction in Budapest, one of the gems of the baths, but it should not deter you from getting a nice bath in this exceptional building.


The main reason for ‘being touristy’ is the high price of the bath entrance, which makes many locals choose another, cheaper bath in Budapest for soaking and treatments.

If there is time for testing more baths in Budapest, we strongly encourage you to go to more as each thermal bath has a unique character with its own pros and cons.

Do I need to take a swimming cap to Gellert Baths?

Gellert Bath Budapest

Gellert Bath Budapest – Monodraconis Photography

No matter which of the baths in Budapest you go to, swimming caps are only needed if you want to do laps in the swimming pool. Otherwise no need for a cap if you intend to soak in the thermal pools.

Are there any places to eat in Gellert Baths?

Gellert Baths has a small cafe with a limited range of sandwiches, pancakes, etc. You can also buy soft drinks, beers and wines there. However, in the same building, at Hotel Gellert, you can go to the restaurant, and have full course meals there (at four star hotel prices).

That said, there are some nice places to eat near Gellert Bath: of course the hotel itself has its own catering service (the terrace of the hotel looking at the river Danube is nice), and the nearby Cafe Hadik is a beautiful historical cafe and restaurant, with a quirky bar attached to it (the new Cafe Hadik – Hadik Kavezo)

Any other tips you have for Gellert Baths?

  • Staff: Tourists may find the staff unfriendly, don’t take it personally and don’t expect smiling happy faces (sorry about that). It is a shame that there is a nicely renovated beautiful and famous bath, and the bath seems to be lacking in resources to employ more friendly staff. Sorry about that.
  • Tricky lockers: As for the intelligent locker system, here’s a short excerpt from a tourist feedback you may find tremendously useful: “we weren’t sure which changing room number we were going to, since we hadn’t been informed of this when buying the ticket (we had just gotten a wristband each, with some kind of electronic key system, without any further info, despite specifically asking for the changing room numbers). We met a man working there, asked if he could help us, he grabbed our wrists and pressed them against an electronic wristband reader closeby so that the numbers appeared on the display” (tourist review on TripAdvisor travel guide)
  • Maze and Maps: there are no internal maps within Gellert Baths on the wall, so you may find yourself in a labyrinth of pools, baths, saunas, etc. Print the map of Gellert Baths in advance to avoid frustration. It can be both exciting (beautiful mosaic decorations all over the baths) and slightly frustrating. But nobody got stranded in the maze of Gellert Baths yet, hopefully you won’t either.


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