Lidos & Waterparks in Budapest

There are several very pleasant lidos, open air pool and bath complexes in Budapest, some of which are quite close to the city centre of Budapest, and are partly or wholly supplied with thermal waters from other well known thermal baths. Lido is ‘strand’ (shtrond) in Hungarian, but often referred to as ‘Furdo’ (bath) as thermal spas.

Palatinus Lido Budapest - Palatinus Strand

Palatinus Lido Budapest – Palatinus Strand

As most thermal baths in Budapest are not really geared towards families with younger children (kids under 14), the lidos with their child friendly pools, bath facilities and green parks are a really viable and fun option for tourists and locals to enjoy superb water times from late spring through summer and early autumn in Budapest.

Palatinus Lido (Palatinus Strand & Furdo) on the Margaret Island has 11 pools of various sizes, depths and temperatures.

Dagaly Lido (Dagaly Strand & Furdo) is close to the northern tip of the Margaret Island, just over Arpad Bridge and boasts 10 pools some of which are supplied by the same thermal spring wells as the world famous Szechenyi Bath.

Csillaghegyi (Csillaghegyi Strand & Furdo) Lido on the Buda side is a more local and cozy little pool complex

Romai Lido (Romai Furdo & Strand)

Csepeli Lido is in Csepel District of southern Budapest

Paskal Lido is in Zuglo District (District XIV) in Budapest

Szechenyi Spa Baths has open air pools: there are 3 outdoor and 15 indoor pools open all year round, even in winter time (yes, the open air pools filled with natural hot spring water!)

Gellert Spa Baths: like Szechenyi Bath, Gellert also has some outdoor pools. The winter warm pool is open all year round if the weather is not freezing cold (the temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius)