Lukacs Bath Budapest

Lukacs Baths and Pool is mostly visited by locals, and rarely by tourists, who tend to flock to Szechenyi BathsGellert Baths or Rudas Baths. This may change a lot with the new winter bath party series, the Magic Bath Party in Lukacs Bath, which is organised by the same guys who do the Szecska sparties at Szechenyi Bath, and the Cinetrip parties in various venues in Hungary. Also, in the 2018 – 2019 Budapest Card, you can get into Lukacs Bath free of charge (full day ticket included)!

Lukacs Baths Budapest

Lukacs Baths Budapest

Lukacs Baths Budapest

So if you happen to choose Lukacs Baths, don’t be surprised that the bath staff is not really prepared for smooth English talk. But many Hungarians speak English (especially the younger generation), so you can’t get lost, even though the baths seem to be like a maze, and getting there is slightly complicated  – authenticity invites you for a challenge.

There are 5 pools in Lukacs Baths, excluding the wellness pools. You can check the current prices in Lukacs Baths here.

As for the history of Lukacs Baths (Lukacs Furdo) in Budapest was built in the 19th century, on the spot where the Turkish had their thermal baths when they occupied Buda in the 16th century, and even before them, in the 12th century, when the knights of the order of Saint John built the baths for their monasteries.

Magic Bath Sparty Budapest Lukacs Bath Spa Party

Magic Bath Sparty Budapest Lukacs Bath Spa Party

Lukacs Bath Pool Parties on Saturdays

Almost every Saturday night from October to June, there are really cool pool parties in Lukacs Baths.

The dates of the bath parties do not include every single Saturday night, so do check the upcoming party dates, if you are planning a sparty weekend in Budapest.

Dates: Saturday nights (Oct – June, not every Sat!)

Music: Triphop, beat, electronic

Show: lights and thermal

Drinks: Cocktails, Beers, Champagnes, etc.

Tickets: buy them online on Lukacs Baths as this spa bath is of the smaller kind, and can get full easily by Saturday. Do not buy the Budapest Card for the spa party! The free entry is for daytime visits only.

Tablets of the Grateful Healers in Lukacs Baths

Tablets of the Grateful Healers in Lukacs Baths

The bathing complex is on the Buda side of Budapest, close to the Margaret Island and Margaret Bridge (Margithid) spanning the river Danube. The place seems a bit difficult for tourists to find because Lukacs Baths is somewhat tucked in amongst a group of buildings, even your GPS may find it a problem. But again, ask some locals in the street for directions, they will gladly help you.


Many tourists have recommended the half price day (Tuesday), but it has been cancelled. Since Jan 11, 2011, all days have the same entrance fees.

If the river Danube is flooding (which may happen in June or July too), the thermal bath at Lukacs Baths is closed as the bathing complex is very close to the Danube. It may be worth giving a call to the bath before venturing into the building.

You need to wear a bathing cap if you want to do laps in the pool (not needed in the thermal baths).

There is only a smaller cafe in Lukacs Baths, so make sure you don’t go there hungry as bathing will make you even hungrier and spoil your nice getaway from the busy city.

Opening hours: 6 am – 9 pm (the cashiers close at 8 pm)
Address: 25-29 Frankel Leo Street, Budapest

Phone: +36-1- 326 1695
Lounge in Lukacs Baths Budapest

Lounge in Lukacs Baths Budapest

Reviews of Lukacs Baths

We have handpicked the informative bits of tourist reviews to save you time.

“2 of the 4 of us had great massages, the other 2 didn’t rate theirs so highly. So clearly it’s a bit hit and miss.”  (Tourist (UK) review on TripAdvisor travel guide)

“This is a lot smaller, intimate venue with 3 medium sized outside pools and 10 or so indoor ones at varying temperatures. If you hire a towel, as we did you will get a bedsheet so I’d suggest bringing your own as well as appropriate footwear.” (Tourist (UK) review on TripAdvisor travel guide)

“our favourite areas were the whirlpool and jacuzzi pools the water was like a hot bath – everyone is very friendly and nobody cares what anyone else looks like” (Tourist (UK) review on TripAdvisor travel guide)

“Even assisted by a GPS, it’s hard to find. […] But it’s worth the effort. Hardly any tourist find this place and everything is in hungarian. […] Outdoor the water is heated to 28-30 degrees. With jetmassages, bubbles, waterfalls, volcanoes both with bubbles and water (jets in the bottom of the pool pointing upwards) and a stream channel makes the spa experience complete. If you like relaxing in water you could easily spend two hours there.” (Tourist (Sweden) review on TripAdvisor travel guide)

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Last updated: October, 2013