Spa Parties Budapest

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths and its Budapest bath parties, which are truly unique, characteristic of only Budapest. Let’s be frank, the bath parties in Szechenyi Bath in the summer, or the smaller scale Magic bath parties in Lukacs Bath in winter, spring and autumn are great, awesome, a must do for anyone who loves partying, clubbing.

Cinetrip Water Circus Sparty, Budapest

Cinetrip Water Circus Sparty, Budapest

The top parties of the year are usually the Cinetrip spa party summer and winter editions, which are best described as an über cool spa party (insert the words you feel appropriate), i.e. parties in spas with tons of electronic music, lots of audiovisual effects, laser beams, lights, transcendental and geometric images, cocktails, champagne, wines, beers, and many happy people in a beautiful outdoor scene: the open air pools of Szechenyi Bath, Lukacs Bath, and formerly in Rudas Bath.

No wonder, that many young party goers are looking forward to the Budapest Night of the Baths party festival too, which is basically a one night party in the major thermal baths.

Twenty- and thirty-somethings dance and splash at a sparty in the thermal waters of the baths, and the cool waters of the pools, while DJs and VJs provide constantly flowing audio-visual effects, projecting lights, vintage silent films on the walls as well as 3D mapping the buildings and the party goers present.

Cinetrip Sparties

Happy Faces Szechenyi Bath Sparty Budapest

Happy Faces Szechenyi Bath Sparty Budapest

Vibrating, hypnotic, mesmerizing, relaxing and fun – the very best experience in Budapest if you are young, like parties, would like to have fun, and make friends. Hey, even Brad Pitt turned up at a sparty, and you may bump into someone unexpected too.

Cinetrip parties are mostly thrown at spa baths. But you may bump into a Cinetrip party at other venues: not only in spas, but open air lidos and pools too, or rarely in other buildings (like the Palace of Stock Exchange in Budapest, Hungary). Cinetrip parties first appeared in the most popular Turkish baths in Budapest: Rudas Spa Baths.

Mind you, Cinetrip parties may be sensual, but the sparties are not ‘pick up parties’ (or not more than any other party in Anytown). Nevertheless, you may see acrobats and even belly dancers as part of the show like the Water Circus VJ party.

Budapest Spa Parties known as 'Sparties' at Szechenyi Bath

Budapest Spa Parties known as ‘Sparties’ at Szechenyi Bath – photo by Levente Hernadi

After all Rudas Baths and Pool is a historical Turkish Baths in Budapest, so Turkish belly dancing is a great addition, re-mixing Hungary’s past and present (the photo above is in the big pool of Rudas Baths added to the authentic Turkish bath in 1896).

Besides the VJ projections, there is a special 3D projection on the interior and exterior of the baths too, a technique called 3-dimensional building mapping – a very spectacular recently developed and spreading art language (amazing, low impact, environment-friendly – perfect for re-interpreting old buildings).