Szechenyi Bath Parties Budapest

Saturday Night Bath Parties at Szechenyi Baths, aka Szecska parties are special sparties (spa parties) which usually start at 10:30 pm and finish early dawn at 3:30 am every Saturday. They usually run throughout the summer, and maybe longer too.

Szechenyi Baths Saturday Night Parties - Szecska

Szechenyi Baths Saturday Night Parties – Szecska

The highly popular late night party series are at an affordable price, basically the standard late night bath ticket price includes the party entrance fee.

Music: Funk Soul R’n’B, House, Drum and bass, Triphop, Breakbeat, etc.

Visuals: Moon, Milky Way, Big Dipper, Evening Star

Dress code: swimwear

Tickets are available online too.

Winter bath parties: Magic Bath Parties in Budapest Lukacs Bath

Summer Bath parties: Szecska Parties at Szechenyi Bath Budapest

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Hiya im interested in having my night party here in mid April and this night at Szechenyi Bath Parties sounds right up our street is it available then???

Hi Nikki, sorry, but this year the summer bath party series only launched at the end of June, so I don’t see much chance to have sparties in mid April in 2013. But there might be a Cinetrip spa bath party (the same organisers, but Cinetrip parties are irregular, more spectacular and more expensive accordingly, while Szecska spa bath parties at Szechenyi baths are cheap, cool and only on summer Saturdays, usually from June to September…

No worries though as the city of Budapest is loaded with great parties (not as unique as the bath parties, true, but still great atmosphere and good cheap grog). Check back on our event calendar next year 1-2 weeks before you leave for Budapest to see the best parties in Budapest next April.

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