Szechenyi Bath Parties Budapest

Saturday Night Bath Parties at Szechenyi Baths, aka Szecska parties are special sparties (spa parties) which usually start at 10:30 pm and finish early dawn at 3:30 am every Saturday. They usually run throughout the summer, and maybe longer too.

Szechenyi Baths Saturday Night Parties - Szecska

Szechenyi Baths Saturday Night Parties – Szecska

The highly popular late night party series are at an affordable price, basically the standard late night bath ticket price includes the party entrance fee.

Music: Funk Soul R’n’B, House, Drum and bass, Triphop, Breakbeat, etc.

Visuals: Moon, Milky Way, Big Dipper, Evening Star

Dress code: swimwear

Tickets are available online too.

Winter bath parties: Magic Bath Parties in Budapest Lukacs Bath

Summer Bath parties: Szecska Parties at Szechenyi Bath Budapest

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