Szechenyi Spa Water

What are the healing properties of Szechenyi Baths?

Szechenyi Baths - Fountain

Szechenyi Baths – Fountain (photo by Mark Beattie)

The thermal waters of Szechenyi baths are coming from the thermal springs under the City Park (Városliget) in Budapest.

The temperatures of the naturally hot water spring waters are 74 °C (165 °F) and 77 °C (171 °F), respectively. The thermal water has a characteristic sulphur dominated smell. Based on the components (sulphate, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, fluoride acid), the spring waters are recommended for various conditions, as a bathing treatment most importantly for

  • damaged joints (e.g. bad knee joints),
  • low back pain or lumbago,
  • arthritis
  • after accidents as a post treatment.

The thermal waters of Szechenyi baths are also recommended to be taken as a drink therapy, and there are spring water wells within the bath complex. Its waters are used for

  • gastric flu,
  • ulcer,
  • kidney inflammations
  • kidney stones (certain types),
  • gout,
  • bile treatments
  • calcium deficiency

It is very relaxing to go to Szechenyi Bath in Budapest, it may even heal the lonely and broken hearts, although it is not scientifically proven. To boot, you can even party at the world famous thermal baths on Saturdays (Szecska sparties) or on special Cinetrip parties while enjoying the medicinal benefits of the natural spring waters.

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