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If you find the idea of relaxing in a bath too dull, or you just love nightlife and good parties, the spa parties may be your best option in Budapest, Hungary. From June 30, 2012 until August 25, you can enjoy sparties (spa parties) every Saturday at Szechenyi Spa Bathfrom 10:30 pm to 3 am.

Szechenyi Spa Parties - Budapest Szecska Summer 2012

Szechenyi Spa Parties - Budapest Szecska Summer 2012

When are Szecska Sparties in 2012?

So again, the dates, see them in our Budapest Event Calendar, along with a couple of further events recommended in Budapest.

How much is the admission fee?

The entrance fee is super cheap: HUF 2,900 per person for the whole night, which includes the entrance fee to the spa bath itself rather than being charged as an additional fee.

Buying Tickets online: you can buy tickets online on the official Szechenyi Spa Party called Szecska Party website called (Szecska is the nickname of Budapest Szechenyi Bath) – ticket sales are closed down either when full capacity is reached (pretty easily, so book well in advance), or until 24 hours before the party begins at the spa: as they are Saturday parties, it means until Friday 9pm.

Once you buy your sparty ticket, you will receive an electronic voucher via email. Print it out, and show it at the entrance of ‘Szecska’ Sparty. Szechenyi Bath is close to Heroes Square, easy to get there with the lovely pocket metro called M1 underground, get off at Szechenyi Furdo M1 metro station. Read more about Szechenyi Bath FAQhere.

Szechenyi Spa party - Szecska Sparty Budapest

Wave Pool at Szechenyi Spa party - Szecska Sparty Budapest

Discount tickets for Szecska

If you are with friends or your partner in Budapest, you can save some more on the admission fee by purchasing the double tickets in advance at Cafe Hutte in District V, in the middle of Szabadsag Square. The price of two tickets is HUF 4,900 (instead of 2×2,900). Groups can also have discounts by contacting the party organizers at (e.g. for the price of 20 tickets you will get 22 tickets).

Dress code: no, not naked, swimming suit is obligatory at the spa parties too, just like on average Szechenyi Bath days. Donning a bikini is OK of course.

What sort of music is played at the Szechenyi spa parties?
The music is a great mix of mostly electronic music, i.e. Funk, Soul, R’n’B, House, Drum and Bass, Triphop and Breakbeat are rolled into one night spa rhythms, playing around with the video images, and colouring the walls of the magnificent Szechenyi Bath. Anyway, the DJs are finetuning their music for the audience. Hear some Szecska party sample here:

About Szechenyi Bath

The bath looks like a 19th century palace (it was built between 1909 and 1913 in neo-baroque style) – with its 3 outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools it is the biggest thermal bath complex in Europe. The water is naturally warm and in fact needs cooling for ideal bathing (the well, which is providing the spring waters of 77 °C is 1256 metre deep) even in winter time – so if you can’t make it to the summer spa parties, you can still enjoy outdoor warm baths until 10 pm in winter time (fun, even though without the music).