Racz Baths

Racz Baths in Budapest is expected to open its brand new gate in 2012 after years of restoration works and legal discussions (the building was basically finished in 2010).

Racz Bath Budapest

Racz Bath Budapest - shower room

Racz Baths in Budapest

Kiraly Bath is a five star hotel and spa bath right at the foot of the Castle Hill, near Elisabeth bridge and close to further Turkish Baths in Budapest like Rudas Bath or Kiraly Bath.

Racz Bath has a beautifully restored octagonal  Turkish bath, and several smaller and bigger thermal baths (including private baths for 1 and 2). The architecture of the building is a contemporary mix of the historical Turkish motifs (the dome of the bath), the romantic extensions of the 19th century (designed by Miklos Ybl, the architect of the Hungarian Opera House in Budapest), contemporary components (even including a range of little white ‘desert igloos’ resembling the planet Tatooine).

Entrance Fees at Racz Bath Budapest

Bath ticket prices at Racz Bath will be approximately 7-8000 HUF (source: index.hu), almost double of the currently most expensive luxury baths in Budapest: Gellert Baths and Szechenyi Baths.

Taster pictures from the official website of Racz Bath:

The  interior of the shower room of Racz Furdo – luxurious five star style, pleasant thermal spa water – romantic and medieval interior design in the 21st century.

Do you feel the urge to step into the warm thermal bath at Racz Spa Budapest?

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Spa at Racz Furdo / Racz Bath in Budapest, Hungary

Spa at Racz Furdo / Racz Bath in Budapest, Hungary

The romantic and contemporary facade of the recently restored Racz Bath, Budapest, as designed at the end of the 19th century by Miklos Ybl.

Facade of Racz Bath / Racz Furdo - Budapest

Facade of Racz Bath / Racz Furdo - Budapest


Last updated: May, 2012


Is the Racz sauna open now?

Best regards
Kurt Nodeland

Hello Kurt, no, Racz Bath (Racz Furdo Budapest) has still not opened its gates, although there are no more legal obstacles for the bath and the accompanying 5 star hotel to open.
There is are several Turkish baths in Budapest, however, e.g. the recently opened Veli Bej (former Csaszar Bath) is often praised (open during its trial period).

Hello there,
Ill visiting Budapest this year between the 30th of december and the 3 of januari 2014 and I am wondering if the Racz Bath is allready open?
Best regards

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Hello Bernard, unfortunately Racz Bath in Budapest has still not opened its gates for guests. There are random news about its opening in 2014 but the news have been predicting an opening year for every year in the last few years, so the best is to check if the thermal bath and luxury hotel has been officially opened or not.

hi!a friend of mine just told me what he read about that inidecnt in the house of terror as a hungarian i’d like to apologize for their behaviour:) i think it’s a shame how foreigners are often treated here and especially at a museum?! ridiculous so please don’t have hard feelings about our country and about our people, most hungarians aren’t this rude and impolite to others. though i hope you found that out yourself too;) anyway, i just wanted to say that i was very sorry to hear what happened to you at the museum, hope nothing like this will happen next time you’re coming here:) and of course i like your pictures, though this doesn’t mean very much ’cause i don’t know a thing about photography, so i like most pictures i see:Dso bye!Andre1s Dee1k, Budapest:)