Rudas Baths

Rudas Baths is one of the most popular baths in Budapest, Hungary, frequently mentioned together with the bigger size Szechenyi Baths and Gellert Baths as a third, probably more intimate and historical option for soaking in thermal waters in Budapest. Rudas Baths is only mixed at weekends.

Rudas Baths Budapest

Rudas Baths Budapest

Turkish Bath at Rudas Baths Budapest (photo by Guillaume Baviere)

Even though the fame of Rudas Baths might be the third, the ratings of Rudas  (rate: 4.5) are better than the ratings of Gellert Baths (rate: 3) on Budapest travel sites, and sometimes even supersede the ones of Szechenyi Baths (4.5 vs 4-4.5, respectively, out of the max 5)

Rudas Baths and Pool is undoubtedly the most popular Turkish Bath in Budapest (emphasis on ‘Turkish’): the thermal bath was originally built in the 16th century, while the pool and the sauna were added in 1896 (when the Hungarian state turned 1000 year old).

Octagonal Pool at Rudas Baths

The central piece of Rudas Baths is the octagonal bath where the 10 metre cupola is supported by 8 columns.

The octagonal pool is the most amazing part of Rudas Baths due to the special light effects: colourful tiny glass drops on the dome let the sunlight break through the roof in distinctive coloured rays, leaving the bath half lit and intimate, yet filling the air with unparalleled warmth.

The bath looks like an enchanted scene from One Thousand and One Nights in one of Scheherazade’s tales, and the only problem with the simile is that Scheherazade was Persian, not Ottoman Turkish, but you know what I mean. The facade of Rudas Baths facing the river Danube has been restored in 2012 beautifully, after many years of neglect and sharp contrast with the quality interior of the bathing facility. Now all is shiny and beautiful.

Swimming Pool at Rudas Baths Budapest

Swimming Pool at Rudas Baths Budapest

There are 6 thermal steam baths and 1 bigger pool (see the image of the pool at Rudas Baths built in 1896).

Mixed or Not Mixed: Rudas Baths and Pool is coed on Saturdays and Sundays. In contrast, weekdays are split between men only days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – yes, it is not a typo, 4 days for men) and women only days (Tuesday). It may sound less harsh from a historical point of view: traditionally, between 1936 and 2005 Rudas Baths was a men only bath.
Opening hours at Rudas Baths:

  • Pool opening hours at Rudas Baths: Mon – Wed 6 am – 6 pm, Thu – Sun 6 am – 8 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays Rudas Baths is open for the night: from 10 pm to 4 am. (Rudas Baths used to be the most frequent host of Cinetrip Spa Parties with DJs, but now their venue is Szechenyi Bath as ‘Szecska Sparty‘)
  • Steam bath opening times at Rudas Baths: Mon – Sun 6 am – 8 pm (On Fridays and Saturdays also open from 10 pm to 4 am)
Rudas Baths Budapest: Cinetrip Party

Rudas Baths Budapest: Cinetrip Party

Water temperature at Rudas Baths: 16, 28, 30, 33, 36, 42 °C (Pool: 29 °C)
Thermal Waters are recommended for: damaged joints, arthritis, slipped discs, sciatica.

Phone: 00-36-1-356-1322
Address of Rudas Baths: Dobrentei square 9, Budapest Hungary
Getting there: Rudas Spa Bath is close to Elisabeth Bridge, on the hilly Buda side of Budapest, right beneath the huge rocks of Gellert Hill. See Budapest Tourist Map (interactive customized Google map) for the exact location, more details and tips.

  • Buses: 5,7,8, 86 (e.g. number 7 bus connects you with Ferenciek tere, Astoria and Blaha Lujza squares and metro stations on the blue and red lines, respectively)
  • Trams: 18, 19
  • Metro: Alternatively, you can take the blue line metro and get off at Ferenciek tere metro station. Then a 15 min walk over Elisabeth Bridge and along the river Danube on the promenade.
Rudas Baths on Budapest Tourist Map

Rudas Baths on Budapest Tourist Map

See Budapest Tourist Map in large.

New Facade of Rudas Bath, old Tram in Budapest - Gabor Krisztian Photography

New Facade of Rudas Bath, old Tram in Budapest – Gabor Krisztian Photography

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Last update: November, 2012

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Prices of Bath Tickets at Rudas Bath:

Rudas Bath Ticket Prices from 8 January 2018

Thermal tickets Weekdays Weekends
Daily thermal-swimming pool-wellness ticket with locker usage 5 000 Ft 6 200 Ft
Daily thermal ticket with cabin usage 3 500 Ft 4 000 Ft
Combined (thermal and swimming pool) ticket with locker usage 4 200 Ft 4 700 Ft
Morning ticket with cabin usage (between 8.30-12 am) 2 800 Ft  –
Thermal ticket for students and seniors  (between 8.30-12 am) 2 150 Ft  –
Night ticket (Friday, Saturday: 10 pm – 4 am) * 5 100 Ft


Swimming pool tickets Weekdays Weekends
Swimming pool-wellness ticket with locker usage 3 300 Ft 4 500 Ft
Morning swimming ticket for adults with locker usage (between 8.30-12 am) 1 700 Ft
Swimming ticket with locker usage 2 200 Ft 2 500 Ft
Discounted swimming ticket for students and seniors with locker usage 1 650 Ft
Afternoon swimming ticket for adults with locker usage (from 6 pm) 1 700 Ft


Massages Prices
20 minutes 45 minutes
Aroma massage 6 000 Ft 11 500 Ft
Thermal massage 6 500 Ft 12 000 Ft
Massage at the swimming pool 5 000 Ft
Water massages 20 minutes 35 minutes
Water massage with soap foam 3 800 Ft 5 200 Ft
Peeling water massage 6 100 Ft
60-minute VIP massages for one person for two persons
Harmony aroma massage 18 000 Ft 33 000 Ft
Royal thermal massage 19 000 Ft 35 000 Ft
Treatment with Mátra mountain herbs 20 000 Ft 37 000 Ft
Treatment with Kolop mud 19 000 Ft 35 000 Ft
Treatment with Hungarian wine 18 000 Ft 33 000 Ft